Well Core Limited is a Hong Kong based restaurant group established in 2008, we are well experienced in implementing and managing chain restaurants, especially Japanese restaurants.

With collaboration with well-known & outstanding Chinese and Japanese branded restaurants, new dining concepts are introduced to HongKongers.

Soaring with the success of Masamura Sushi (正村壽司) & Nichigyu Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki Restaurant (日牛涮涮鍋專門店), Saiyu Japanese Restaurant (西佑定食屋), we are going to develop more restaurants in different styles, in order to fulfilling customers' appetites.
ブランド情報 日牛涮涮鍋專門店 西佑定食屋 梅丘壽司美登利總本店 牛八‧香港
道頓堀御好燒專門店 京都抹茶庵 名代宇奈備長炭燒鰻魚飯專門店