Join our membership to enjoy privileged discounts and vouchers.

If you are already our member in 2021 (member code starts with W21), you can extend for 2022 at just $ 108 after dining in or taking out from our restaurants. New joiners are also welcomed with $ 138 enrollment fee with cash coupons of various brands (renewing membership additionally gets 2 x $ 50 coupon), 365-day discounts, redemption of vouchers by points, and occasional giveaways. Well Core membership is undoubtedly worth more than how much it costs.

Reminder I  –  Each birthday voucher / point voucher / extra $ 50 voucher from renewal can be used in conjunction with another 1 offer (e.g. member discount)

Reminder II – Birthday voucher / point voucher / extra $ 50 voucher from renewal are valid for dine-in and takeaway

Reminder III – Points from 2021 membership (whichever is the latest) would be carried forward to 2022 after renewal

Important Information

  • Every $ 10 spent in a single transaction gets 1 point. Only the actual amount paid in store (not anywhere else) after calculation of service charge and deduction of any kind of vouchers and offers counts.
  • Any dine-in or takeout spending (not via third party platform) of $ 10 or more is eligible for earning points. Always present membership whenever at store is hence recommended (even opt not to enjoy member offers).
  • Member code starts with W21 = Year 2021
  • Year here means membership was sold in that particular year. While each membership is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase, it is possible to have 2021 membership valid in 2022.
  • If existing membership is still valid, do not rush to renew until it expires. Points would be transferred completely after renewal.
  • Recruitment starts from now till 30 November 2022 (while stock lasts)


Welcome Vouchers

  • 1 x Shabu Shabu(Dine In):$ 150 off $ 350
  • 1 x Okonomiyaki Dohtonbori(Dine In):$ 150 off $ 300
  • 1 x Gyuhachi Yakiniku(Dine In):$ 150 off $ 450
  • 1 x Kyoto Matcha An(Dine In):2 for 1 regular item from grand menu
  • 1 x Sushi no Midori(Dine In):$ 100 off $ 500
  • 1 x Nadai Unatoto(Dine In):$ 60 off $ 120
  • 1 x $ 50 Birthday Voucher
  • 2 x $ 50 Renewal Extra Voucher(Not for New Members)


Member Discounts

Can only be used in conjunction with specific vouchers

  • 10% off dine-in
  • Special Promotion:15% off takeaway from Sushi no Midori
  • Special Promotion:20% off takeaway from Nadai Unatoto
  • Special Promotion:20% off takeaway from Gyuhachi Yakiniku
  • Special Promotion:20% off takeaway from Okonomiyaki Dohtonbori