Privacy Policy

Well Core Holding Ltd. has established the following policy for the handling of personal information received from customers in order to facilitate the proper management of that information, including its methods of acquisition and usage.


Acquisition of Personal Information

  • Well Core Holding Ltd. may on occasion acquire personal information from customers if necessary for the provision of services or information.
  • When having customers provide their personal information, Well Core Holding Ltd. will explicitly specify or announce the purpose of use of that information in advance.


Purpose of Use of Personal Information

In cases where consent has been obtained from the customer or in situations where the customer cannot be identified, Well Core Holding Ltd. will use personal information received from customers for the following purposes (excluding instances where other valid reasons exist):

  • to compile or respond to questions or comments received from customers;
  • to provide information related to the planning of events held at Well Core Holding Ltd.;
  • to manage reservations at Well Core Holding Ltd. ; and
  • for marketing activities and product development.


Management of Personal Information

  • Well Core Holding Ltd. will appoint a manager for each division that handles personal information and will strive to manage that information appropriately.
  • Well Core Holding Ltd. is committed to maintaining and improving security that prevents the disclosure, alteration, and loss of personal information as well as its usage outside of the intended purpose.
  • Well Core Holding Ltd. complies with all guidelines and regulations related to the safeguarding of personal information.


Requests for the Release, Correction, Deletion, or Cessation of Use of Personal Information

Requests from customers for the release, correction, deletion, or cessation of use of their own personal information will be handled in the appropriate manner in accordance with laws and regulations. Please be aware that in such cases, Well Core Holding Ltd. may require the requesting individual to provide proof of identification in order to prevent the fraudulent acquisition of personal information by a third party. In addition, please note that the processing of such requests will require a period of approximately five days from the date that the application was received.


Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Well Core Holding Ltd. does not provide the personal information of customers to third parties for any purposes other than those listed below (with the exception of cases where consent is obtained from the customer):

  • when the disclosure or provision of personal information is ordered on legal grounds by a judicial or administrative authority; or
  • when another valid reason exists.